it's been a while ahah;;

Oh hello there FC2 ahaha oh deer I really fail at blogging orz I think it's cause I have too many;; Anyways I've decided to put here things I'm very much embarrassed about--//HIT l-like couple pics //SHY

since my tumblr is 100% work safe and I want to keep it that way. And my blogspot is more for serious stuff like school and work. OKOK YES

Anyways for those who've followed this blog, I've been living a more positive life ahaha I got into the school I ranted about a long time ago but the interviewer which is actually my video class teacher is still a son of a b sometimes! But yes, ever since then I've been more.. happy? I do get down from time to time-- well we all do but that's just life.

Anyways glad to be back here! Not sure if my friends here are still active but hmm

Here's a Yuri/Flynn from Tales of Vesperia for one of my friends


though I mostly ship Flynn/Yuri but hmmm this one isn't actually too bad--//HIT



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Herrroooo I'm a person who is always unsure of everything. This blog will mostly consist of ranting and OC and fandom doodles! 8D

Current fandoms: Shadow Hearts:Covenant, MadoMagi, AnoHana
Current OC obsession: Ingressio Project

Forever Fandom: Tales of Series

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