Rant 02// Some doodle

Ahh yeah more rants. OTL

So I finally bought a dress that I will wear to grad. I went shopping with a lot of friends so that I get some feedback on the dresses I tried on. Tried probably 20+ dresses and we only liked 3 from all of them. Then I chose the one I liked the best. It was a one strap, olive green, slightly bubble, above the knee dress. Man I.. really like it. It's the length I want. The color I like. Plus, it has at least a strap like HOLYSHHH ISN'T THAT RARE THESE DAYS? I bought it this afternoon then tried it on for my mom a few minutes ago. Her face just told me that she... doesn't like it. It's that usual "I am not impressed" look on her face. I showed my dad and his comment was that it looks okay, just needs a little adjustment cause it looks a little too big on me.

I used to feel great with that dress. However now it makes me feel like trash.


Anyway, I drew a friend's OC with mine. Both are wearing suits. OvO

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