Something really personal..

I hate it when you get so attached to one person and you end up being possessive on them.. To the point where you get jealous every time you feel like you're not that special to them anymore. Kind of like how they would respond to that other person so quick but responds on you very slow. It's like a lot of things have began to revolve around them when it doesn't need to be. And then you just feel really shitty because you feel like you've been somehow replaced. And then unneeded. Or perhaps you were never truly special to begin with. It hurts how your feelings towards that person will never be equal to how they feel about you. I always feel like crying whenever I think that one day I'll be replaced. That there is not anything special about me to keep me in the thoughts of people. I've improved so much on my own personality but I still have those moments where I truly doubt myself. I hate feeling this way and I know I shouldn't think like this at all but I'm human too and I have feelings and sometimes I could be selfish too and perhaps unreasonable. I think I love people way too much than I should. I think this is why I prefer not to get too too close to people (even though I usually do in the end) I get all these.. possessive feelings towards them and it's not healthy at all.. ;___; I don't even know what to do about it.. I just sit here and think and think and think and nothing ever changes. Sometimes I really hate myself for feeling such things..

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Something really personal..

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