School soon.. Massive sketch dump ;u;

So my summer vacation has finally come to a close and I'll be starting school this coming Monday! I've made the payment for my first term not too long ago. I wasn't very happy because they suddenly changed the methods if we students chose to do payment plans (for students who can't pay full right off the bat) but thanks to my dad having all the information I needed, the problem's been resolved and I don't need to worry about it anymore!

Now that I look back into my summer.. I haven't really done anything productive art wise. It's quite disappointing really.. Then again I got a job too so I guess it's not that bad in the end. I just wish I did more but really, life for me has been quite busy lately. I'm quite happy that I played a little bit of games as well! Ahh I really envy people who had/have so much free time.. but it can't be helped.. I know this is just the beginning, and that I'll be even more busy in the future. Hopefully I'll continue to keep in touch with everyone!

Massive art dump ahead please prepare your eyes for some bleeding
Some.. embarrassing pic to start with lmao

This is Ling and Hika's Raphael before Xiang was born awyeahbb sexy times normally I'd never really post these anywhere else because it's too embarrassing WELL WORLD NOW YOU'VE SEEN MY WILD SIDE though honestly I LOVE sexy pictures.


Hm this one was supposed to be a mini comic I was going to make featuring Angsty!Ellis and Infi having angsty romantic moments and later having a make out session LMAO I was planning to practice making panels and drawing kissing in general because I swear kissing pictures are a real pain in the ass to draw. A___A
Sadly I gave up on it halfway. The more I draw in the day the shittier it looks I swear I can't be consistent with my drawings ahahaha maybe I'll go back to it one day. Infi you look so derpy


Kazuo and Yui's Hime during Tanabata! We actually never RPed this but we had the imagination to make this event come true OHOHOHOHO I really love these two sibling-like even though Kazuo with siscon mode on is kind of creepy LOL I kinda miss HH even though I wasn't really that much active in the first place. Might be because Kazuo is fun to RP and he's very easy to draw.


I remember having a twitter convo about some canon/soon to be canon/possible pairs in HH and Dae and I randomly came up with our own HH OTP of Kazuo's bento/Inui LMAO
my characters will feed Dae's characters forever.


LEON MAGNUS FROM TALES OF DESTINY <3 was going to do some art trade with Jeneko HER STAHN IS MAGNIFICENT AH I need to make this pretty too dkjvsdknvksdjHNG
But yeah I seriously love this guy hnggg destiny will be my top fav Tales forever since it's the very first tales I've ever played and the nostalgia I feel whenever it's brought to topic and STAHN AND LEON seriously this series makes me happy just thinking about it. So disappointed I can't play the remake bec it's Jap only ;n;
Okay I'll stop now before this entry becomes flooded with my love for Destiny.


This little fella here is called Ashton Ignatius! He's supposedly made for this group on dA but due to some stupid mistake on my part of the application I didn't make it in XD even then his bio sucked balls already so I doubt I'd have the chance even if I didn't make the mistake. Honestly I'm relieved I didn't make it in since I lost general interest after a few days anyway LMAO

Lately I've been doing so much cel shading LOL it's really handy when I'm rushing I'm glad I took my time to practice it.


Manakibro's Nier from LoX! Originally a larger pic but I didn't have enough time.. This here is a birthday present hngg I need to catch up on these presents so bad oh deer.. Also painted in Photoshop! I need to get back my Photoshop painting confidence orz


Another birthday present! This time Manwich's (Twitch) non-RP OC Crowe! I seriously love guys who are weak-willed. Generally because there's so much room for development with these kinds of characters!


Krio and my original characters (Aegis and Fyn respectively) from an RP group for dA but we both killed them there LMAO funny how I love these two so much despite having to RP them together only once. I think it must have been because my head has played so much scenarios of how these two act together and such. I should probably apologize to Krio for being too imaginative LOL


A non-RP original character of mine! YES I HAVE NON RP OC'S LOL too bad I never draw them.. orz I actually based quite a few of my rp oc's from him lelelele his name is Erin and I haven't decided much about his personality. One day I'll type up a good bio.


Another non-RP original character. His name is Parilis. (weird name I know)


Here's Yuel. An original character of mine that I haven't drawn in SO long. (Well not as bad as the two above..) Came up with a random simple design this time.

The three above are the main characters for my own original story I'm developing together with a friend of mine back home. Too bad we don't have very good communication orz especially since the time differences are huge it's really quite difficult to get in touch with each other.
The setting is supposedly contemporary, with Yuel being the main lead of the story. It tackles on poverty, corruption, and similar/related things. These are subject to change but I'd like those to be the main focus..
Originally Yuel wasn't really made for AoH XD I took her for AoH because I was in a hurry and the whole RPing was new to me ahaha


Super late birthday present I did for Dii! Had a lot of fun drawing this. Her characters from her comic Monoba <3 Her designs are so loveable hnggg Dii you should go upload more pages ahahaha


RYU FROM BREATH OF FIRE 3 <333 omg this game kdsjvksnd one of my favorites even though it's a pain LOL so much nostalgia ahahaha the bof series will always have a special place in my heart // one day I might design my very own Ryu and Nina as if I'm designing for an actual game LOL I SOUND SO AMBITIOUS BUT I REALLY WANT TO TRY SOB //hidesforever


WELL WELL WELL GUESS WHAT I HAVE BEEN FANGIRLING THESE DAYS forever waiting for this game to come out omg I am super excited YOU DON'T EVEN
I preordered the kyun character pack and totally gave away my 200+ dollars worth of my paycheck AND I REGRET NOTHING. NOPE. NOTHING AT ALL.
This is the /very/ first time I am spending THIS much on a game LMAO and I'm actually a pretty cheap person overall. However Tales... it's too hard to resist. Guess who's not having lunch and dinner for the next few months.

Back to the drawing LOL I tend to go off the tangent whenever I speak about my fandoms;; This WIP is one of the roughs I did for the Xillia countdown at tumblr. However due to the weak composition I decided to drop it and go with this one instead:

Looks a lot better hey? Plus I felt bad drawing Jude in plain sideview LOL I wanted to draw his face too ;u;


Since I didn't get into one of my planned groups I decided to give Milizia a try (plus I got dragged by Min LOL) and came up with some delinquent dude who's always angry. I've always wanted to RP the angry types that swear so much! Sounds like fun stuffs for me. XD

Well that's the end of my dump! Thank you so much to those who read/viewed this huge entry.. I'll try my best to keep up a good pace next time as to make less of these huge entries omg



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