Doodle dump

Sorry for updating twice today but I might as well do this now or I'll forget it all later orzorzorz


Here's Kaytseki's Jun (above) and my Kazuo (below) lying on grass with some fleurs on it... It was one of those gotta draw on a whim stuff that really came out of nowhere therefore I have no explanation to this picture at all..... except these two are girly guys

Then here's a birthday picture for my darling Dae hurhur this was so rushed I do not even... orz these are her OCs Alma and Seth!

Here's Kid going through the stages of puberty and pondering about what kind of hairdo he should go for life y/y?

Although to be honest I have no idea what to do with this guy... I'm not really that attached to him at all. I mean he's fun to rp and stuff but I think it'll be better if he just.. disappear somewhere LMAO I-I'm so mean orz

With that said I tried revamping him.. You know maybe he just needs a makeover?

Okay now WHO THE FUCK IS THIS DUDE it doesn't really look like kid orz but really I have no idea what to do with him ;;; orzorzorzorz

Then one day I was so bored and I procrastinated on my prints so I made different faces for Scarlett my MA character.

I seriously love Scarlett so much ahahaha at the moment she's my top favorite among my ocs uhuhuhu (along with Yuel) drawing her is so much fun! HNGGGGG

This one is one of the many paros I have with Yoon LOL it's her dAF OC Claire as Battler from Umineko! In which I call Battclaire in this situation. I've been meaning to draw this so I did LOL

Shannon told me to draw her some Mia 2.0 so I did LOL and here's my image of her.

With some... Kid around as a bonus LOL idek ok my dump ends here
Thank you to those who maso'd their eyes on these things ok



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