Oh hai there it's been a while since I last visited! I always forget about the existence of my blogs after being gone for a bit ahahaha it's quite funny uh wait no it's not funny--

okay well I think I should start rambling about the con hey? I was with tabling with Piece it was fun even though I got physically abused so much by her ahahaha! Piccus under the cut ok gais thanks to Senri for telling me how to do it! nosrslyimsuchanoobok sob
Hohoho so here's what we looked like during the first day of con! You guys should be able to tell who's art is who's ahahaha and who's who as well I guess;;;

I wish we took a picture of what it looked like the second day cause our display was a lot better then ahahah oh well. I always forget to take photos every time so orz I should remember that my phone can take pictures;;; look at those gorgeous stuff Piece is selling omgggg////

and here's the art stuffs I did for the con:

Ao No Exorcist

Madoka Magica

those two pictures above was a huge pain the ass I swear.. Getting motivated to finish 2+ characters illust is extremely difficult as I get sick of it later on and hate it LOL finishing them is such a great achievement though! They came out pretty good I believe so.

Rolling Girl

Panty and Stocking

Oddly enough most people ended up buying the Panty and Stocking print more than anything else. I was pretty surprised since I thought that the hype for it already died, and this was actually the very last print I did so it looks very rushed ahahaha;; I'm glad people liked it though!

Then here are the buttons I've made!

This was where I've made a miscalculation;; It seems Ao No Exorcist is more popular than pokemon?! Or idk maybe I should have drawn the pokemons instead of the trainers/rivals.. I ordered less of the Ao No Ex but they ended up getting sold out! I was quite happy ahahaha I mean at least I sold out on two things you know..

There are two more prints up there but I am not going to bother digging the graveyard... yeah.

I also did three commissions! Two of them were Mikus (I honestly don't like drawing Vocaloid but halfway through I thought her hair was quite fun to draw--//HIT) and an Adachi from Persona4 for this girl that wants to put Johnny Young Bosch's autograph on it;; I tried my best on that one since it's going to be seen by a voice actor... I hope I took photos of them but again I keep forgetting.

It wasn't much but I made pretty much the same amount as when I bought all these stuff ahahaha which isn't bad at all! I might table again next year. Who knows, depending on my free time I might.

Things I learned on the convention though, not all shows that are popular on the internet are necessarily popular in the real world.. It might be just the convention here since there's less people (and they're VERY cheap too) and they like.. actual stuff like buttons, plushies, etc instead of prints. But yeah I guess I'll just have to do better next year.

I met Gaby and Shilin at the con as well (I bought so much from her it's quite embarrassing ahaha!). And with some friends of friends like Emi's group and lots of nice people! I should have gone around more to meet artists orz but it was easier with Gaby, Shilin and Emi since they were right across from us.

All in all the con was a good experience and I learned so many stuff! I thought I was going to be some socially awkward person (as usual) but for some reason I always end up overcoming that shyness XD hopefully I'll be able to get a table next year as well.



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