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Haihai people I haven't updated in a while huh.. I've been preoccupied by lots of things including work! As much as I don't like the job, I think I'm slowly getting used to it, plus the people I work with aren't bad at all. At least they make work a little bit more bearable.

More stuff and pics under the cut~

I spent my first paycheck to get a phone. Since I have been having really bad miscommunication problems that really put me off, I finally decided to get a one. I really hate not being able to contact people when needed to especially at crucial times.. Having a phone would be great! So I got myself a 16GB iPhone4. The very first thing I bought for myself, and from my own sweat and blood! Feels good to be able to buy things for yourself with your own money man.

Been hanging out with people these days too. I went to the EX with my college friends Amy, Graeme and Matt. Matt picked me up from home and we went there together to meet up with Amy and Graeme. It was really funny though because Matt locked his car keys inside while his car was still running. He's such a derp sometimes ahahaha! I should have felt bad for him but it was.. too funny for me and I kept laughing. We rode on most of the intimidating rides and it felt great ahaha I thought I'd be more scared but they weren't actually too bad! I kept screaming like.. a man. Screaming and yelling makes you feel good at such situations though! Later on my stomach started catching up on me and by that time, we were already pretty much done. Over all it was a fun experience since I don't really go to such events. I'm a boring person ok..

I should really be working on my convention stuffs but oh well..


Here comes the dump~ There will be lots..

So me and my online homies planned to join Hoshizo High on dA for shits and giggles. It's a group based on the otome game Starry Sky. I got pulled in by some of my friends so I started.. designing a character. I instantly thought of making a guy and never considered making a girl. Which means that I am now comfortable RPing as a guy! //LEVELS UP

Here's the initial sketch of the character that I chose to call Kazuo (or kaachan for short LOL).. Just getting the gist of what I had in mind onto drawing it.

looks about right.. The face, the expression, the hair.. It's pretty much very close to what I had in mind! So I went ahead and made a finalized full body illust later on. Still struggling with cel shading but I think I'm getting a little better at it.

The challenging part was to get the uniform details exactly as it is in the Starry Sky games. Looking back and forth isn't really too fun for me. Although the good thing is now I know how the details go and drawing it over and over isn't a problem at all! Some people I know hate drawing the uniform but I actually enjoy drawing it.. Then again I'm kind of a maso.

One time while waiting for the bus to Kawaii Crepe, I doodled some more of him in my moleskine sketch book. This thing is really handy when I'm bored!

And yes I tend to half-ass everything I draw in pencil... what is hands
I also thought of drawing Adult!Kid~ The thought of him being an adult is simply wonderful because oh deer I can never draw kids to save my life. I wish I can make him an adult forever.

It was also Piece's birthday last month so I made her a tiny gift. It's Haiden her LoX character! Such a handsome man. I hope I did him justice.;;

Seriously I need to draw more guys..

Here's Kazuo with Yoon's HH character; Shizuka~ She's so adorable Kazuo is lucky to have her as a shoujo friend~ It's them studying and Kazuo helping Shizuka by using shoujo terms instead of the real terms.. Kazuo are you sure that will help--

Also I have been talking to Yoon a lot about parodies.. Madoka is only one of them..

Kaachan what the fck are you wearing..? On the other hand Shizuka looks so kicking in that Madoka cosplay.

So I finished another character, this time for Hika's group. Though it seems to be a little dead right now, I hope things pick up soon as we have enough members!

I've decided to name her Scarlett with the help of Auntie! I am extremely pleased with the results of her design. I'd say I believe it's my best one as of the moment. I am really happy with the way I drew her I feel so accomplished! I just hope the group gets to pick up soon so she doesn't idle til she dies ahaha;; I tend to kill my characters later on due to inactivity..

Here's Kawa's HH character; Risu~ She's really pretty and kdsjksdn I swear I couldn't stop staring at her sheet I just had to draw her/// I hope I can draw her as pretty as Kawa does though. ;A;

I also doodled Dae's HH character, Inui! He's such a cute guy ahahaha such a dog too--/HIT

but oh deer why do I keep drawing hair like they put a gajillion hair gel orzorz someone teach me how to draw flowy smooth soft looking hair please.. ;A; I blame my final fantasy influence..

So one time I visited LoX twitter (like I usually do, once in a blue moon--/HIT) and got to witness some very adorable Juke/Ritz I swear I was squealing on the inside so much and going HNGGGG and EEEEE to them both. I ship them so hard it's not even funny.. So I decided to draw out all the dokidoki I felt in my heart.

I swear these two are my forever LoX OTP I need to stalk them more.. Same with Leon/Nier.

Okay sorry for so much dumping in one entry I probably should have divided it but eehh someone knows how to cut entries here? That would really help a lot. Thanks everyone who read/viewed! <3



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