I miss drawing girls

No seriously I feel like I haven't drawn girls in a long time.. And all my girl OCs are -extremely- inactive to the point they are almost dead ahahaha;;;

So I decided to draw a sexy type of woman for Hika's new RP group called Manifold Accord. This is what I initially drew..

But then after a while I decided to change my mind and draw another one.. One that looks a lot more interesting to my eyes at least.

Then I came up with this.

I normally don't draw long haired characters as I always find short hair a lot more.. cute and charming. Though there's just something about this one that I really like! So for this character.. I was thinking that she's an S and M at the same time?.. Almost want her to be some.. Psycho. Or perhaps a Yandere? And the less clothing she wears the better she is in battle.. Which is why she has a lot of bandages but then again she treats bandages almost like underwear LOL actually guys no I just want to draw a girl with less clothing so I can practice female anatomy more I'd love her weapon to be mainly knives or daggers or swords.. Since she's supposed to be a creepy character, I thought she'd like it if she can feel the blades pierce through someone's body? Or maybe she can have a big gun too HMMM cannot decide. D:

I based both drawings above from my Jelly hair lady~

Now that I look back to this old drawing.. I kinda miss drawing on paper a bit ahaha

I'm not that much active anymore with RP groups but recently I RPed for quite a while at LoX twitter! I should really be active more but ahaha I can't help but just lurk and watch everyone instead like a creep.. orz
Wanted to draw Kid for a new icon hngg so here he is~

I accidentally drew with a brush I normally don't draw with and then I discovered that.. It's really good for drawing too AMG blur's brushes you are my hero forever I like how it looks paint-chatty! Also, Kid is probably the easiest character to draw for me ever..

And then for the last one, I made matching icons for Krio and I lelele cause we so high from Xillia HNGGG

I cropped them for the icons though ahaha;; I wish I can do pixels but oh well headshots are faster to make and I was itching to draw Xillia so much.
I took Mira and Krio took Jude. Jude is extremely easy to draw like holycow--
Seriously cannot wait for this game! Imma order when it's out.



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