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So I started working at a fastfood and oh man I usually go home really tired and not do anything. orz Although I am completely okay today which is a bit odd. Perhaps I'm slowly getting used to it? Hopefully.. I actually like working up front, it's just that I develop the uber friendly high pitched voice and oh man.. I scare myself. My voice is pretty low so when I talk with my cashier voice I swear I creep myself out.

With work in the way I haven't been drawing so much ahaha;; it's pretty sad because I really need to work on my prints. I have not even finished one. And con's next month already. I am falling terribly behind orz

Anyways here's a sketch I made not too long ago. I kind of want to finalize the picture but I kind of don't at the same time because of so much anatomy failures.. Drew it on a bad day lol;; So everything I know about anatomy pretty much went out of the window..

Once again Sylvan and Remyl (Main characters for Hika's, Krio's, and my RPG concept story)

then here's a commission detail

I felt kind of bad for Zea cause there were some details I left/changed by.. accident orz I'm glad she liked it in the end though. I feel really bad ahaha but that's done so I'm not even going to worry about it.
Also I just realized that I don't draw much girly girls.. I should draw one next time. Really should get into the practice of drawing long haired girls too!




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