Getting rusty

Ahh so much updating sorry for flooding;;
I haven't drawn in a while and I feel like I'm getting rusty so I did a quickie on photoshop. I also thought I'd practice cel shading all at the same time and I think I'm kinda getting better at it.

Ohai gais what is anatomy--

It's Infi(left) and Claire Xalis (right) they be brofos yaaa
Claire is Yoon's dAF character and we've decided to make him and Infi related LOL crossovers are funfunfun~
Well they are pretty bros alright; Infi, a reverse trap always mistaken as a boy and Claire which is always mistaken as a girl beforehand because of his name.
Sobbu sorry Yoon if I butchered Claire so hard orz I've always wanted to draw these two together! Infi is also in waiter uniform so they match--//HIT I can kind of imagine Infi working some place else in the dAF universe but Claire would probably prefer if they worked at the same place so he can watch over her?? IDK SOB IMMA STOP GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF NOW THIS IS EMBARRASSING.

Infi why do you look so much like Sugata in here ohmygod WHY
Ahh okay I seriously need to sleep //RUNS TO BED



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