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So I have been playing quite a few (or a lot--//HIT) of Shadow Hearts these days so I made a few sketches! I seriously love that game to bits now ohoho// I hope to finish it soon actually. But with PSN back on my brothers are at the TV again OTL

Anyways here's an Anastasia! She's so adorable I just want to take her home! ///

Followed by a Yuri Hyuga. He's quite comical at times. I really like the way he acts towards the Ring Soul it's funny! XD
I noticed that Shadow Hearts' male characters are pretty buff looking but they.. have very womanly hips--//HIT so I tried making Yuri look extra manry here but I probably did not succeed so well on that ahaha;;

I've also been drawing quite a few of my and Hika's OCs for our Ingressio Project.

Here's the colors for Remyl, the female main character:

We're really going for simple character designs just so we don't kill ourselves over drawing them over and over. This in fact is one of the simplest designs I have ever made and it's probably my best so far.. (If not my unicorn character for the graphic design class I made.)
Although I just realized that the Sylvan's (Main hero) hair color is quite the same orz so I'm leaning towards changing her hair color into a washed out green, or white. One interesting thing is that, her name sounds exactly as Remil which is the name of my ex-bf LOLOLO--//HIT but the name suits her, I believe!

And then here's Baxter, the rabbit magician! F-forgive me for my rabbit drawings ahaha I'm not really accustomed to drawing animals in general. XD but for now this will do!

If anything, I really love designing magicians the most.. I love robes and cloaks.. Hoods, witch hats, and all that stuff.
He was named after a friend's pet rabbit LOL it's because he always shows me pictures and videos of his rabbit and so when I was looking for names, I saw it and just.. had to name it after him.

Here's a few doodles of the main hero and heroine~

I made Sylvan's front view drawing look too girly orzorz and Remyl looks kind of manry on the left AAHH HOW DO I DRAW MEN AND WOMEN?! So for Remyl's personality.. I think she'll be a bit of a tsun.. A toughie for the most part, and likes to tease people and do what she wants. Stubborn and hard-headed.. Hmm what else.. I'm still thinking if she's a bad cook or not.. Will have to think more about it later.





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