School's over ;; too tired for anything

These days I have been so exhausted.. I used to be able to be awake til 5am but nowadays I feel tired at 12 and get done by 3am this is so weird to me. That and I keep getting nightmares lol;; this time I dreamt that I was going back to Philippines and study there. Man I cried so much ahaha as much as I would like to get home I love the way things are at my school and there's no way I'm going back now;; gdi I should really stop crying so much fffuu my tears are way too shallow orz

I don't really have much new stuff so I'll show oldies instead--//HIT

Mia and Kid

Hika's Mia and my Kid from the dA group: LoX
I very much love their famiry relationship ohohoho///

AE final comic
This one's supposedly my finals comic for the dA group AE;; I never finished it orz but basically I have 2 more pages and yeahh uhh this is kinda where they started officially going out--//HITOVER9000
Characters are mine and Hika's (again)

I swear all I draw are Hika's characters together with mine lmao;;;

Hika's Raph and my Ling from AR ok srsly yes I do draw all my characters with Hika wthisthis orzorzorz POOR HIKA HER CHARACTERS GETTING BUTCHERED BY ME.
right click->view image to full view orz
looking back at this ohdeergod it looks horrible lol;;

Then this one's for a tumblr group that I've been so slow with working at lelele I'm gonna finish her one day.

ok that's it lelele I have to look for a job and I've been going out for a while now so I'm going to be awkward online for about 90% of the time and when that happens just ignore me ok orz it's almost like having a double life though I'm pretty much the same either way. Plus I've been going to bed early so I prolly won't be on so much when everyone's wide and awake which is sad cause I love 3am man that's the time where I become aliiive but ok gonna stop talking now



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