School soon.. Massive sketch dump ;u;

So my summer vacation has finally come to a close and I'll be starting school this coming Monday! I've made the payment for my first term not too long ago. I wasn't very happy because they suddenly changed the methods if we students chose to do payment plans (for students who can't pay full right off the bat) but thanks to my dad having all the information I needed, the problem's been resolved and I don't need to worry about it anymore!

Now that I look back into my summer.. I haven't really done anything productive art wise. It's quite disappointing really.. Then again I got a job too so I guess it's not that bad in the end. I just wish I did more but really, life for me has been quite busy lately. I'm quite happy that I played a little bit of games as well! Ahh I really envy people who had/have so much free time.. but it can't be helped.. I know this is just the beginning, and that I'll be even more busy in the future. Hopefully I'll continue to keep in touch with everyone!

Massive art dump ahead please prepare your eyes for some bleeding

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