Doodle dump

Sorry for updating twice today but I might as well do this now or I'll forget it all later orzorzorz


Here's Kaytseki's Jun (above) and my Kazuo (below) lying on grass with some fleurs on it... It was one of those gotta draw on a whim stuff that really came out of nowhere therefore I have no explanation to this picture at all..... except these two are girly guys

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Oh hai there it's been a while since I last visited! I always forget about the existence of my blogs after being gone for a bit ahahaha it's quite funny uh wait no it's not funny--

okay well I think I should start rambling about the con hey? I was with tabling with Piece it was fun even though I got physically abused so much by her ahahaha! Piccus under the cut ok gais thanks to Senri for telling me how to do it! nosrslyimsuchanoobok sob

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Just some group stuffs

Haihai people I haven't updated in a while huh.. I've been preoccupied by lots of things including work! As much as I don't like the job, I think I'm slowly getting used to it, plus the people I work with aren't bad at all. At least they make work a little bit more bearable.

More stuff and pics under the cut~

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Herrroooo I'm a person who is always unsure of everything. This blog will mostly consist of ranting and OC and fandom doodles! 8D

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