Classes are finally over QvQ I'm so happy to be on break! WEEEEE
I still have a few homework I need to finish though.
Although my marks aren't really very pretty this year. OTL
The past few years I've been acing everything.
But Grade 12, the final year... IDK man..
I just, winged most of the stuff. And slacked off so hard.
Oh well.

DOODLE TIEM: Please ignore the lameass pick up line OTL

Version 1 (In characer)

Version 2 (Out of Character?? ATM//shot)


One more week and I'll be free from school. Crap I need to make up for Phys. Ed. class askjcsncjksb I'll be in the weight room for 6 hours ffffckkkkkkk my lifeeee akcnakjcasnj I don't even care anymore I just need to get all my English stuff done. And that painting I never finished HOLYCRAPPP I think this has been the worst procrastination I have ever done. I will never drag homework this long ever again sdlkcnskl a 5 months worth of work in just one week I hope I survive this death march.

Anyway here's a doodle for my friend that I made while she wasn't feeling too well snldsndklajb I keep doing full assed drawings for my friends. I am sort of ashamed. OTL


Rant 02// Some doodle

Ahh yeah more rants. OTL

So I finally bought a dress that I will wear to grad. I went shopping with a lot of friends so that I get some feedback on the dresses I tried on. Tried probably 20+ dresses and we only liked 3 from all of them. Then I chose the one I liked the best. It was a one strap, olive green, slightly bubble, above the knee dress. Man I.. really like it. It's the length I want. The color I like. Plus, it has at least a strap like HOLYSHHH ISN'T THAT RARE THESE DAYS? I bought it this afternoon then tried it on for my mom a few minutes ago. Her face just told me that she... doesn't like it. It's that usual "I am not impressed" look on her face. I showed my dad and his comment was that it looks okay, just needs a little adjustment cause it looks a little too big on me.

I used to feel great with that dress. However now it makes me feel like trash.


Anyway, I drew a friend's OC with mine. Both are wearing suits. OvO


You know when they just can't help it.

So I went for my portfolio interview today.. And mannn you know how I wanted to be in animation right? But they had someone from Video and Web Design to talk to me.. And no way in hell I am good with those. OTL So now I can't help but think that they're going to be, well, biased. As much as they told me how it will be if I get into the program, I think he put more emotion to his tone on the part where he was talking about not getting accepted. He asked me what I'm going to do for the rest of the year in case I don't get in this year.. He also told me that if I don't get in then there are people who can help me with coming up with my portfolio for next year.. Because there's a looooooooooooooot of good applicants. And he was like hey don't feel bad if you don't get in blablablaaaa AHH I KNOW THAT MUCH BUT THANK YOU. When I left I just burst into tears and went to the washroom LOLOLOLOL HE RUBBED IT IN WAY TOO MUCH I COULDN'T HELP IT FFFHAHAHAHAHA Oh well I guess this is better so that once I get my letter I wouldn't be as surprised with the up coming result. OvO I don't really think I'm going to make it in hahahaha XD His face was like "SORRY GIRL BUT.... YEAHHH." In the end he said "And you seem to be a pleasant lady." Throwing in one nice compliment right after my self esteem just went down the drain... FTW!

Ahhhh well at least I can get the year off. YAYY I can bury myself with projects like making that otome game with Saino.. And making a game with my Game Design buddies that I met at VFS. WOOOO I'm pumped! o( O v O )o


Ledris. New Original Character. I was going for an ultra fantasy style but I failed. OTL I probably should try the silhouette technique next time.

She's supposed to be for an RP group... I got pulled by some friends... OTL Though I still don't know if I'm joining. I'll lose interest in all of them together if I do more. orz Oh well we'll see. o________________o


Drawing this reminded me that I need to finish Tales of Destiny 2... OTL That is if I can still remember Japanese.



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