I have exams tomorrow and I'm drawing Pokemon.. orz
So my new OTP is SilverxKotone. I hope there were more fans of this pairing.


They're so cute together dkjsnlskbskldbjskjbdksjbjkbskb

Rant 01

Seriously... Am I really that hard to trust? How come when I say it they don't believe it? I'm not some super fast machine that will just do whatever you tell me to. I have my own life. I breathe and I need to feed myself... Sometimes you just say too much. Please do remember that I am human just like you. I am just as tired as you are.



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Herrroooo I'm a person who is always unsure of everything. This blog will mostly consist of ranting and OC and fandom doodles! 8D

Current fandoms: Shadow Hearts:Covenant, MadoMagi, AnoHana
Current OC obsession: Ingressio Project

Forever Fandom: Tales of Series

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