Getting rusty

Ahh so much updating sorry for flooding;;
I haven't drawn in a while and I feel like I'm getting rusty so I did a quickie on photoshop. I also thought I'd practice cel shading all at the same time and I think I'm kinda getting better at it.

Ohai gais what is anatomy--

It's Infi(left) and Claire Xalis (right) they be brofos yaaa
Claire is Yoon's dAF character and we've decided to make him and Infi related LOL crossovers are funfunfun~
Well they are pretty bros alright; Infi, a reverse trap always mistaken as a boy and Claire which is always mistaken as a girl beforehand because of his name.
Sobbu sorry Yoon if I butchered Claire so hard orz I've always wanted to draw these two together! Infi is also in waiter uniform so they match--//HIT I can kind of imagine Infi working some place else in the dAF universe but Claire would probably prefer if they worked at the same place so he can watch over her?? IDK SOB IMMA STOP GETTING AHEAD OF MYSELF NOW THIS IS EMBARRASSING.

Infi why do you look so much like Sugata in here ohmygod WHY
Ahh okay I seriously need to sleep //RUNS TO BED

Shadow Hearts and OCs

So I have been playing quite a few (or a lot--//HIT) of Shadow Hearts these days so I made a few sketches! I seriously love that game to bits now ohoho// I hope to finish it soon actually. But with PSN back on my brothers are at the TV again OTL

Anyways here's an Anastasia! She's so adorable I just want to take her home! ///

Followed by a Yuri Hyuga. He's quite comical at times. I really like the way he acts towards the Ring Soul it's funny! XD
I noticed that Shadow Hearts' male characters are pretty buff looking but they.. have very womanly hips--//HIT so I tried making Yuri look extra manry here but I probably did not succeed so well on that ahaha;;

I've also been drawing quite a few of my and Hika's OCs for our Ingressio Project.

Here's the colors for Remyl, the female main character:

We're really going for simple character designs just so we don't kill ourselves over drawing them over and over. This in fact is one of the simplest designs I have ever made and it's probably my best so far.. (If not my unicorn character for the graphic design class I made.)
Although I just realized that the Sylvan's (Main hero) hair color is quite the same orz so I'm leaning towards changing her hair color into a washed out green, or white. One interesting thing is that, her name sounds exactly as Remil which is the name of my ex-bf LOLOLO--//HIT but the name suits her, I believe!

And then here's Baxter, the rabbit magician! F-forgive me for my rabbit drawings ahaha I'm not really accustomed to drawing animals in general. XD but for now this will do!

If anything, I really love designing magicians the most.. I love robes and cloaks.. Hoods, witch hats, and all that stuff.
He was named after a friend's pet rabbit LOL it's because he always shows me pictures and videos of his rabbit and so when I was looking for names, I saw it and just.. had to name it after him.

Here's a few doodles of the main hero and heroine~

I made Sylvan's front view drawing look too girly orzorz and Remyl looks kind of manry on the left AAHH HOW DO I DRAW MEN AND WOMEN?! So for Remyl's personality.. I think she'll be a bit of a tsun.. A toughie for the most part, and likes to tease people and do what she wants. Stubborn and hard-headed.. Hmm what else.. I'm still thinking if she's a bad cook or not.. Will have to think more about it later.



I should be hwking right now

But instead I'm doodling AHHHHHHH

Ok so I doodled deviantART fantasia stuff using a pencil brush for PS that I just downloaded from CGHub! You can get it from here.

right click -> wiew image to view it's 100% derpiness

I wrote the names so yah--
Claire owned by Yoon
Adult!Theo and Theo owned by Yui
Lucca owned by Hika
Alexis owned by me

I would draw Dii's but.... she doesn't have her ref up yet //EYEZOOMS ON HER
Gonna draw more once school's over!

ok back to working now orzorzorz


it's been a while ahah;;

Oh hello there FC2 ahaha oh deer I really fail at blogging orz I think it's cause I have too many;; Anyways I've decided to put here things I'm very much embarrassed about--//HIT l-like couple pics //SHY

since my tumblr is 100% work safe and I want to keep it that way. And my blogspot is more for serious stuff like school and work. OKOK YES

Anyways for those who've followed this blog, I've been living a more positive life ahaha I got into the school I ranted about a long time ago but the interviewer which is actually my video class teacher is still a son of a b sometimes! But yes, ever since then I've been more.. happy? I do get down from time to time-- well we all do but that's just life.

Anyways glad to be back here! Not sure if my friends here are still active but hmm

Here's a Yuri/Flynn from Tales of Vesperia for one of my friends


though I mostly ship Flynn/Yuri but hmmm this one isn't actually too bad--//HIT


Ledris. New Original Character. I was going for an ultra fantasy style but I failed. OTL I probably should try the silhouette technique next time.

She's supposed to be for an RP group... I got pulled by some friends... OTL Though I still don't know if I'm joining. I'll lose interest in all of them together if I do more. orz Oh well we'll see. o________________o


Drawing this reminded me that I need to finish Tales of Destiny 2... OTL That is if I can still remember Japanese.



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